Welcome! This site contains radio transcripts that I have used and sermons. My method on the radio broadcasts has been to proceed through the biblical text such as Gospel According to John or the Gospel According to Mark, but to speak to other special days and events as they occur. You will note that I have sometimes included the songs that I have used. It is not my purpose to deliver a perfect document, but to make a useful document available. You may use these for teaching or preaching, and modify them as you desire. The best messages are the ones that we give birth to, but I hope that my studies over the years will be of use to you.

Where am I coming from? My wife and I have been Assemblies of God missionaries since 1981, serving in Africa, Europe, and the South Pacific. We have two children, born in 2001. I have advanced degrees in theology and missiology and have studied at the following institutions: Southeastern University, Texas Christian University, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Université Catholique de Louvain, École Lémania. If you read French, you will find many more of my articles at www.coeurdeberger.com.

Thanks again for the visit!

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